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6-Needle Versatility

Each needle offers customizable settings for speed, color lock and now the disengagement of the needle threader – useful when using a thin needle.

Bright Customizable Lighting

Illuminate your work with 4 built-in LED lights to see colors brightly and vividly with virtually no shadows! Customize the light brightness between 5 settings, including an 'off' mode to find your idea level.

6-Needle Auto Needle Threading

Makes threading simple! Thread each needle in seconds – with just the touch of a button! This can be done without a design on the screen for added efficiency.

More Speed and Minimal Noise Equals Greater Productivity

NEW! High-Speed Acceleration

Increase your productivity with industrial-level acceleration in a home embroidery machine! Reach up to 1,000 stitches per minute in 7 seconds. This improved acceleration is not only on initial startup, but at thread trims, too.

Fast and Adjustable Embroidery Speeds

Embroider at up to 1,000 stitches per minute. Speed can be reduced to 400 SPM for flats, as well as for the optional cap and cylinder frame. This provides improved results, especially with specialty threads.

Minimal Noise and Disruption

The Entrepreneur 6-Plus is engineered to be used at home, so creative time can be anytime with minimal noise.